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We create information systems, client zones, e‑shops, online tools and complex websites with an emphasis on speed, security and user-friendliness.

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Why choose them?

The internet has become a universal platform. Today, advanced web applications are revolutionizing work efficiency, communication and automation. In marketing, they have become the standard in customer relations.

Are you taking full advantage of the potential of these technologies?


Our web applications meet partners' business objectives

Safety, speed, stability

We use modern, widespread technology and adhere to the highest standards. This will make maintaining and further developing your project easier. The technologies we use are particularly advantageous in terms of safety, speed and stability.

Created for subsequent development

Our code is readable, well-structured and meets all standards. The atomic way of creating individual components of the website also significantly improves the efficiency of its subsequent development. Automated testing and deployment is a matter of course for us.


We create web applications perfectly adapted to the purpose. This doesn't mean that every part has to be written from scratch. There are a lot of very high quality services and ready-made solutions that we can integrate into your web application to improve the product and make development cheaper.

User friendliness

Whatever the goal of the application, good user-friendliness is a necessary condition for its successful achievement. We will either design the application completely or audit its current form for you.


Web applications created by us

We treat every project as our own, because your success is our best reference.


How web applications are created in our company

  • 01

    Initial analysis

    Together we will identify your need. We define the target product, expectations and last but not least the budget. An important part of this is a jointly prepared development brief.

  • 02

    Choice of technology

    Everything depends on the final product. Therefore, after defining the product, we will determine the specific technology we will use for development. There is no need to write everything down again and again. We use third-party tools and systems to streamline development and improve the final product. However, they must meet our guidelines for speed, security and ease of use.

  • 03

    Web application development

    It applies to both the back-end and the front-end. We prefer agile development and will therefore meet regularly to present progress and report on hours worked. We are not hiding anything.

  • 04


    Successful software delivery and thus QA performance is preceded by automated testing of the software as a whole and its continuities from a client, business or user perspective.

  • 05

    Start‑up and subsequent development

    It doesn't end with the implementation and launch itself. We always want to verify that we have met the goal we set together at the beginning. We will be available for follow-up consultations. Our code is ready for possible extension of your web application.


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