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We are a progressive and experienced team of developers specializing in web and mobile applications. Our domain is code that meets the highest standards in speed, security and maintainability.

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What we can help you with

Web applications

Efficient development from idea to fully functional digital product. We can handle both internal applications and end-user applications.

API & Integrations

The perfect simplification of your processes. With integrations and APIs, we connect your website or e‑shop to other tools or external systems to save you time and money.

Internal systems

Go digital, take advantage of the latest 21st century technologies. We will analyse your current situation and propose a solution that will benefit your business.

Client zone

User friendly, simple and above all functional. We will prepare a customized customer area for you both on the web and in the mobile app.

CTO as a service

We will be a partner for your project. We work strategically. We take a comprehensive approach to work. Our knowledge and experience will move you forward.

Tailor-made e‑shop

We bring your business to the online world. We will prepare an analysis for both new and existing e‑shops, according to which we will recommend further steps that you cannot do without.


DevOps goes hand in hand with agile development. We respond flexibly to user feedback and implement changes in the ongoing development of your digital product.


We simply convert your website into an application. Progressive Web App offers a solution for those who have a website and don't want to develop a mobile app for it.

Technical SEO

Create web content on a solid foundation. The search engines will love you. Quality content is only half the battle. We know what to focus on when it comes to on-page factors.

Our goal

We believe that a good developer experience can save our partner/customer a lot of costs in product development and its long-term support. That's why we use the modern, globally recognised technologies. Our code is readable, well-structured and meets all standards. Automated testing and deployment is a way of life for us.


Our work is our presentation

We treat every project as our own, because your success is our best reference.


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