Petra Dolejšová

"It's a detective's job, just a little safer."

Who are you?

I'm Péťa Dolejšová. I was born in Liberec, but I lived most of my life everywhere else, so that I could come back to Liberec, because everywhere is good, home is the best. I like to draw and paint and I have been flirting with digital painting for some time.

What was before UX Fans?

A lot of things, but I guess I could sum it up in a nutshell: high school, college, work, family, my first vacation in Croatia… At the University of Economics, I joined the Outdoor Club with which I explored Europe, mainly on bike, but I also enjoy cross-country skiing and orienteering. I also went to a sports school in Denmark for a while, where I got interested in sea kayaking. Overall it was a great experience, perhaps also because I lived with a Greenlander for a while and got to experience a completely different world. From the work experience, I would highlight T-Mobile, where I spent the most time and it gave me the most. Then my husband came out of nowhere and the kids came along. I call them the tricolor because each has a different hair color.

What brought you to UX Fans?

An endless passion to work, to create and I can't remember the third one :). Well, I also heard one day in a pub that some great UX Fans, full of sportsmen, were looking for a project manager. So I thought: "what the hell, I'll go check the guys out". I've done IT design work before and I enjoy it. I like people and I like interacting with them. I also feel like it's detective work, just a bit safer :)

What is your role in UX Fans?

Project manager. But at the same time, I'm glad that the company is open to the development of people I can reach further than just project management and I can dig deeper into them :)

Do you enjoy being part of UX Fans?

If I enjoy it? Yes, it's fun and people are cool here.

With UXF since

September 2022


Project manager


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