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How to do the best SEO? Right from the beginning, ideally.

The higher in SERP, the better. Work on it constantly and keep going. The result is seen after months of care.

About the project

Welcome to the world of comparators in the area of energy price, insurance, loans, and telephone operators. Welcome to a competitive (even aggressive) SEO environment. There are historically strong competitors in the energy market – major suppliers, sellers, and comparators of energy as well. Over the last decade, they all have built a strong position in the online market, implementing SEO recommendations and SEO strategy. In September 2020, the original and ambitious project Kalkulá entered this battlefield.

But Kalkulá wants to be different. And it is.

As its founder, Rudolf Krejcar, says: "Our solution is meant to be the central financial hub of the household, where you simply enter a few details, set up an end-of-contract reminder or the required savings thanks to our tool, called 'Watch Wolf'. Our goal is to solve worries about domestic expenses, which no one wants to spend too much time with. And generate interesting savings, which makes tens of thousands of Czech crowns for the entire household."

UX Fans mission

We have played the main role. Of course, the most important was the development part. We were at the birth of, its launch, as well as everyday maintenance now. Simply, we are there from A to Z. But more about that in another Case Study.

So back to SEO. During the first months of the project (in this case, we are talking just about the ENERGO vertical) the main difference in conversion in demand between users, who are looking for savings in energy or those who wanted to change the energy supplier, was confirmed. The investment in SEO strategy was, therefore spot on.

Main goals of SEO strategy

  1. unlike the competition, focus more on building quality and unique database content than on LinkBuilding,
  2. increased overall visibility in SERP for non-branded queries,
  3. coverage of all queries in the STDC (See-Think-Do-Care) buying cycle,
  4. increase overall non-branded organic site traffic,
  5. increase conversions from organic traffic.

Development tools

To be able to compete in the SEO discipline, we had to prepare ourselves technically, i.e. first of all, we had to create a custom CMS system.

We implemented:

  • composing landing pages from specific section,
  • meta data (meta title, meta description, meta image),
  • H1 – H5 title differentiation,
  • simple insertion of links,
  • tagging of content at different levels,
  • structured data.

Content instruments

Keywords, keywords, keywords. And again – keywords. Why? Because those are the basics. The toolkit will teach you how to work with them.

We also take advantage of combining the skills and know-how of our internal team (which we continue to develop) with addition of expertise from external partners ( and

It would not work without the right SEO tools:

  • Marketing Miner – for data collection and clickstream,
  • Collabim – link tracking and control, Market Share tracking, position tracking, use of connectors to Google Data Studio,
  • Ahrefs – link portfolio development, competitor tracking, CGA, intersect analysis,
  • GA – conversion tracking, website visitors behavior,
  • GSC – visibility, impressions and CTR development, KWs,
  • ELASTIC stack – LogStash and KIBANA for detailed analysis of users behavior,
  • Screaming Frog – technical condition of the site,
  • Pagespeed Insight – site speed monitoring.

Are we doing it right?

We believe, we do. We analyze each topic in detail, choose the type of content and set tasks for the editorial team. We then publish and link the resulting content in the SEO mix by promoting backlinks, PR articles, and social media posts.

We try to reflect current trends of search engines (indexing, mobiles, contents, and structure optimization) and user needs (simplicity, clarity).

The success or failure of online visibility optimization (understand SEO) is evident by:

  • unpaid traffic combined with its quality and subsequent business potential: conversions to calculations, conversion to demand, conversion to customer account registration,
  • link profile development,
  • development of keyword position (TOP3, TOP4-10, TOP11+),
  • market share in SERPs compared to main competitors,
  • fulfilling KPI according to the SEO Business Case,
  • TOP 5 in organic visibility of energy comparators according to Ahrefs,
  • increasing month-on-month organic traffic.

Distribution of positions in % for

Distribution of positions in % for

Keywords layout history

Domain rating development

Referring Domain development

Ahrefs overview

The results speak for themselves

We have been doing SEO at Kalkulá for over a year. We know it is just beginning and the effort can be reflected after months, thanks to smart search engines and their indexing. It all needs PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE.

But thanks to our ambitious and competitive temperament, we entered Kalulá in the WEBTOP100 competition in the SEO category. And here is the result:

WEBTOP100 – winner in the SEO of the Year 2021

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