How (not) to employ friends and family

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“When something is taboo, I don't want to accept it and think that it makes sense in some way.“

Employing friends and family in the professional world - yes or no? If yes, how to separate personal and work life? What are the advantages of sportsmanship in business? Our CEO Martin Tryzna discusses all this in the newest episode of the Zážeh podcast by Martin Hurych.

In the interview, he also spoke about:

  1. What led Martin to employ friends and family
  2. How they separate work and personal life
  3. The contribution of an athlete to business
  4. How they address criticism, salaries, and rewards among friends
  5. What makes a startup successful

Listen to this episode to find out how to build a successful team and culture in a modern company.

The entire episode, including bonuses and links to listening platforms, can be found on the website of Martin Hurych..





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