Karolína Jonášová

"If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be here."

How would you describe yourself?

I am a native Prague resident who grew up in the Jizera Mountains. I moved from Prague 11 years ago. I love the mountains, even in winter. Since I was 3 years old I spent most of my free time in winter on skis. I did downhill skiing competitively until I was 12, then I discovered snowboarding. I still enjoy sports and active recreation nowadays, it fills most of my free time. And I also like beer :)

What was before UX Fans?

My working career is almost an adventure novel. In short: through bartender, producer at Czech Radio, brand manager at Pribina (now Savencia) and product manager at Preciosa, a.s. I draw on what I've learned every day and add something new every time. And that's what I enjoy.

What brought you to UX Fans?

It's all the fault of the Coronavirus! 🦠 If it wasn't, I'd probably still be a product manager at Preciosa. Thanks to Covid, I got fired for the first time in my life and it made me start thinking about some things differently. I wanted change, freedom. Instead of Jobs.cz, I posted my CV on StartupJobs. I opened the door to the world of startups, the online world! I was primarily interested in working in the Liberec region. I found an offer for a PPC Junior position at UX Fans. Subsequently, a sequence of events took place, directed by Ruda Krejcar. PPC Junior became Product Manager on the running project Kalkulator.cz.

What is your role in UX Fans?

That's a good question! I would like to have a clear answer. I see my role at UX Fans profiling myself over the last few months. Of course, everything revolves around marketing. In addition to corporate activities, I am involved in projects that include marketing. My specialization on these projects is mainly SEO, Content and Copywriting, partly product management, but also brand management and collaboration with external graphic designers. I'm such a marketing expert - all kinds of work :)

Do you enjoy being part of UX Fans?

If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be here. 😀

From my experience I know very well that the work team plays a crucial role in making people happy and enthusiastic about coming to work. Inspiring environment, friendly atmosphere, sharing of experience is omnipresent in Liberec. I am very happy to be part of it.

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September 2020


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