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We ensure proper crawling and indexing of the entire site, optimizing the infrastructure and content for your specific keywords.

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Our goal

Properly chosen technical optimization of your website will ensure better accessibility for search engines. They can then more easily crawl, index and understand the content of your website. We also include the architecture and structure of the website in the SEO on page optimization to improve page loading speed and, most importantly, user experience.


We are in charge of technical SEO

We treat every project as our own, because your success is our best reference.

Our process

What shouldn't be forgotten in the SEO audit?

Basic SEO tools

Without tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics, it will be difficult. For us at UX Fans, working with these tools is a daily chore. And there are more tools, of course. We'll set up the tools for you, get them running, and of course train you.

SEO requires patience

SEO is an essential part of online marketing. It requires continuous evaluation and flexibility. It is not a\u00a0one-off activity. The results of your efforts may be visible within 6 - 12 months. Especially those based on content. We can help you get your SEO activities up and running and sustained. You will then reap the fruits yourself.

Attributes of the technical part of search engine optimization

If you don't have the technical part of the on page factors properly prepared, the content part won't work either. Even if your texts are the best of the best. Among other things, we will focus on:
  • indexing and pageviews
  • robots.txt file
  • sitemap
  • duplicities
  • source code validity
  • linkjuice
  • website speed
  • mobile-friendly
  • website architecture and navigation
  • many other complexities

Further on-page factors

Of course, content is the basis, but it is not always possible to create it exactly the way you need it. The biggest limitation is your content management system. What can you control in it? We’ll
  • scan your meta data - bait for crawl bots
  • check titles and headings
  • be interested in image attributes - they are an important part of your content
  • look at keyword usage, density and relevance
  • check internal backlinks
And there's a lot more. We are happy to share our experience with you and, in addition to search engine optimization, we can design a customized content management system just for you.


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