Petr Bosák

"I spent my evenings learning to code."

Who are you?

I graduated from a technical high school with a degree in mechanical engineering and then studied business management at university. I've been playing hockey since I was 3 years old. At the end of my career, I wanted to stay in hockey and so I started my career as a hockey referee, which lasted 14 year and 7 of those years in the first league. All my time in hockey taught me mainly teamwork, which I need to be able to function well in a work team to feel comfortable and enjoy the work.

I love spending time with my family and traveling, which is why my wife and I started a travel agency.

Besides hockey, cycling and skiing, one of my hobbies is working at UX Fans.

What was before UX Fans?

My first work experience was during high school at my dad's family business. We were purchasing and selling decorative glassware. Tourists were the main buying force. With the coronavirus, sales dropped to almost nothing. That was the main reason I left.

So I was looking for a job in a company that would not be affected by the coronavirus and I joined Cryrtur in Turnov as a product manager. After a few months I got the impression that a product manager is primarily a buffer between business and production. I also discovered that some colleagues were just "doing their time". This didn't suit me, and so after about two or three months I started to learn programming in the evenings, with the prospect of a job opportunity that I would look forward to every morning and leave in the evening with a slight sadness in my heart that I wouldn't be back until the next day.

What brought you to UX Fans?

I knew I didn't want to go to another manufacturing company in a similar position. I sent out several CVs for IT positions, but no one came back with a concrete offer. It was only once, in between talking to Martin (CEO of UX Fans) that I mentioned that I had been programming for a while, enjoyed it and was looking for more or less any IT position where I could develop further.

UX Fans had several projects going on at the time and needed a tester. After that, I had another meeting with Martin, where he introduced me in more detail the form of cooperation and the workload. The next day I took my resignation to the HR department in Turnov.

What is your role in UX Fans?

I work as a software tester at UX Fans. In addition to testing newly developed functionality, my work includes a number of other activities that lead to successful releases and thus to satisfied customers. One of the main activities I am involved in that lead to successful software delivery and thus QA compliance is testing the software as a whole and its dependencies from a client, business or user perspective. In addition, I am also involved in writing test scenarios, acceptance criteria, automated end-to-end tests and visual regression tests, which are integral to proper QA.

Do you enjoy being part of UX Fans?

Yeah, right :) I really enjoy watching UX Fans as a great working gear where a single cog would not perform any great glory, but wiring up the entire gear set creates an efficient system with a powerful drive from the company's management. But if I had to highlight a few things, I am most happy to work in a company where everyone pulls together, we enjoy activities outside the office whether in the form of sporting events or party events and what we will, when there is a supply of good coffee, work is a little better.

With UXF since

April 2021




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