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The most important is the start. We can help you get your project off the ground.

Running a startup without an experienced developer at your back is difficult. The most damage can be done in the initial stages of a project.

That's why we're here to help you choose the right people and technology for your type of business. We'll help you set up your development process so that you "run" successfully from start to finish.

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  • 01IT development specifications
  • 02cost calculation
  • 03technology selection
  • 04development team building
  • 05development process setup

Technical audit, aka “I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems”.

Has your project reached a dead end? Have the developers been telling you for six months that the development is "almost" finished? Have you taken over a project full of bugs?

Let us in and we'll find out where the problem is. We'll independently assess the current state of the project and propose solutions to get your project back on track as efficiently as possible.

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  • 01technical condition evaluation
  • 02finding the shortest route to completion
  • 03assistance with implementation

Use 21st century tools to streamline internal processes.

Do you feel your business could run more efficiently?

Often it is not necessary to develop your own costly solution. There are plenty of tools on the market that can make your team significantly more efficient.

We can help you find such tools and integrate them into one coherent automated system.

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  • 01implementation of online tools
  • 02company processes optimization
  • 03increased efficiency through automation

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