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Teambuilding a little differently: 250 km through the Czech Paradise

On the third weekend of May, we took part in the 250 Bohemian Paradise relay race. Eight members of the team ran a total of 250 kilometers from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, i.e. roughly 3×10 km each. Each stage has its own specifics and suits a certain type of runner. But one thing all stages have in common - the beautiful landscape of the Bohemian Paradise! Just registering for the race requires the art of light speed, so we were really happy to have two relay teams this year - UXF A and UXF B.

The A was made up of experienced runners who defended 3rd place from last year. So naturally they were thinking about the top positions of the race. In the end, it still resulted in a nice 5th place. The competition is getting stronger and stronger each year.

The B's were mostly newcomers, both in terms of race participation, and often in terms of actual running experience. The main goal was to experience the special atmosphere of this special race and try to get 110% out of themselves, which this type of event entails - in which they succeeded.

As Martyna, a captain of the B team, said: ❝I am very happy to work in a company where there are so many people willing to take part in such a difficult race, or to support other colleagues on the track in their free time. Both teams ran great, but I would especially like to congratulate those for whom this was the first race of their lives.❞

The race was without any major injuries or other setbacks. Everyone completed their sections, often well above expectations, shuffling the possible team line-up for next year.

Such an event is also of considerable benefit to the company culture. It started with the preparation, in which we have run over 4.200 km since the beginning of the year! Everyone in the company participated and helped make this real. Those who didn't run, drove and organized handovers or cheered and refreshed. Everyone who was involved fulfilled their role with full commitment and together this team gave as great a performance as they do every day on the UX Fans projects.

Congratulations to the winners, participation was really strong this year and the competition was relentless. And that's how it should be, especially at such a beautiful race 🙂 See you next year!

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